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Kelin Whipple Arjun Heimsath Ramón Arrowsmith Mark Schmeeckle Enrique Vivoni

Geomorphology seminar Spring 2010

We will read, discuss, and dissect published papers.

Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

The idea for this term's focus is a combination of channel-hillslope coupling, landscape evolution models, and eco-hydrology. Or the coupled hillslope-channel-soil-hydrology-vegetation system and how to model it.

As always, please send in any input for specific topics/papers folks would like to cover.

GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar - #27992
Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, February 11, 7-9 pm; at Roman DiBiase's house: 419 E Julie Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85283

Roman DiBiase and ??Dietrich and Dunne, 1978, Sediment Budget for a Small Catchment in Mountainous Terrain, Z. Geomorph., Suppl. Bd. 29, p. 191-206.

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