Geomorphology Groups of the Schools of Earth and Space Exploration and Geography and Department of Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University

Kelin Whipple Arjun Heimsath Ramón Arrowsmith Mark Schmeeckle Enrique Vivoni

Geomorphology seminar Spring 2009

We will read, discuss, and dissect published papers.

Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

The idea for this term's focus is to follow up the local/desert geomorphology theme we ended with in the spring with a focus on the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau. We can leverage this theme by all attending the FOP trip to the Grand Canyon to be lead by Joel Pederson (Utah) on Oct. 2-4.

We will follow the Grand Canyon/Colorado Plateau theme for as long as we all remain interested and amused, but may transition to other topics later. Please send in any input for specific topics/papers folks would like to cover.

GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar - # TBA
Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, September 3, 7-9 pm; at Kelin Whipple's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe

Matt Jungers and Roman DiBiaseLucchitta, I., 1990, History of the Grand Canyon and of the Colorado River in Arizona, p. 311-332.
Pederson, J., 2008, The mystery of the pre-Grand Canyon Colorado River -- Results from the Muddy Creek Formation, GSA Today, v. 18, doi: 10.1130/GSAT01803A.1
Powell, J. (not the one), Prologue from Grand Canyon: Solving Geology's Grandest Puzzle.
Thursday, September 10, 7-9 pm; at Arjun Heimsath's house: Matt Jungers last weeks papers, plus: .Meeks and Douglass, 200x, Lake Overflow: An Alternative Hypothesis for Grand Canyon Incision and Development of the Colorado River, p. 199-205
Thursday, September 17, 7-9 pm; at Wendy Bohon's house Wendy Bohon and Kelsey Young? Karlstrom et al, 2007, 40Ar/39Ar and field studies of Quaternary basalts in Grand Canyon and model for carving Grand Canyon: Quantifying the interaction of river incisionand normal faulting across the western edge of the Colorado Plateau, GSA Bulletin, v. 119; no. 11/12; p. 1283–1312
Thursday, September 24, 7-9 pm; at Wendy Bohon's house Kelsey and Sarah Karlstrom et al, 2008, Model for tectonically driven incision of the younger than 6 Ma Grand Canyon, Geology, v. 36 p. 835-838
Karlstrom et al, 2008, Data Repository
Karlstrom et al, 2008, Powerpoint Animation of Uplift
Polyak et al, 2008, Age and Evolution of the Grand Canyon Revealed by U-Pb Dating of Water Table–Type Speleothems, Science, v. 319, p. 1377-1380
Pederson et al, 2002, Differential incision of the Grand Canyon related to Quaternary faulting—Constraints from U-series and Ar/Ar dating, Geology, v. 30; no. 8; p. 739–742
Thursday, October 15, 7-9 pm; at Arjun Heimsath's house Leaders? Flowers et al, 2008, Geol. Soc Amer. Bull.
Pederson et al, 2002, GSA Today
Thursday, October 22, 7-9 pm; at Kelin Whipple's house: : 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe
Erin DiMaggio and Matt Rossi Cook et al, 2009, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Thursday, October 29, 7-9 pm; at Roman DiBiase's house: 419 E Julie Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85283 Nathaniel and ?? Huntington et al, in review, Tectonics, text
Huntington et al, in review, Tectonics, Figures except Fig 1
Huntington et al, in review, Tectonics, Figure 1

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