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Kelin Whipple Arjun Heimsath Ramón Arrowsmith Mark Schmeeckle Enrique Vivoni

Geomorphology seminar Spring 2009

We will read, discuss, and dissect published papers.

Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

The first few sessions we will follow up on last term's successful theme by looking at a few landscape evolution modeling papers that take a modern quantitative approach to many of the grand ideas about how landscape evolution works that we read about in all those early papers we read.

After that we will migrate into the Desert Geomorphology topic. Please send in any input for specific topics/papers folks would like to cover.

GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar - #21978
Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, January 29, 7-9 pm

Matt Rossi and student leader 2Chappell, J., 1974, The geomorphology and evolution of small valleys in dated coral reff terraces, New Guinea, Journal of Geology, p. 795-812.
Thursday, February 5, 7-9 pm; at Ramón Arrowsmith house: 140 E Del Rio TempeStudent leader 1 and student leader 2Anderson, et al., 1999, The generation and degradation of marine terraces, Basin Research 11, 719.
Rosenbloom and Anderson, 1994, Hillslope and channel evolution in a marine terraced landscape, Santa Cruz, California; Journal of Geophysical Research, V. 99, No. B7, p. 14,013-14,029.
Thursday, February 12, 7-9 pm; at Ramón Arrowsmith house: 140 E Del Rio TempeMatt Jungers and Wendy Bohon
Kooi, H. and Beaumont, C., 1996, Large-scale geomorphology: classical concepts reconciled and integrated with contemporary ideas via a surface processes model; Journal of Geophysical Research, V. 101, No. B2, p. 3361-3386.
Thursday, February 19, 7-9 pm; at the Whipple'sNathan Toké and student leader 2
Paola, C., Heller, P. L., and Angevine, C. L., 1992, The large scale dynamics of grain-size variation in alluvial basins, 1; Basin Research, V. 4, , p. 73-90.
Supplemental: Whipple, K. X., and Meade, B. J., 2006, Orogen response to changes in climatic and tectonic forcing; Earth and Planetary Science Letters 243 218228.
Heller, P. L., and C. Paola, 1992, The large scale dynamics of grain-size variation in alluvial basins, 2: application to syntectonic conglomerate; Basin Research, V. 4, , p. 91-102.
Thursday, March 5, 7-9 pm; at Ramón Arrowsmith house: 140 E Del Rio TempeMatt Rossi and David Haddad Oberlander, T. M., 1974, Landscape inheritance and the pediment problem in the Mojave desert of Southern California, American Journal of Science, v. 274, p. 849-875.
Supplemental: Oberlander, T. M., 1972, Morphogenesis of granitic boulder slopes in the Mojave Desert, California, The Journal of Geology, v. 80, p. 1-20.
Thursday, March 19, 6-8 pm; at Ramón Arrowsmith house: 140 E Del Rio TempeJeanne Dixon and Erin DiMaggio
Strudley, M. W., and Murray, A. B., 2007, Sensitivity analysis of pediment development through numerical simulation and selected geospatial query, Geomorphology, 88, p. 329-351, doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2006.12.008.
Thursday, March 26, 7-9 pm; at Ramón Arrowsmith house: 140 E Del Rio TempeMatt Jungers and Tony Hartshorn
Nichols, K. K., Bierman, P. R., Hooke, R. L., Clapp, E. M., and Caffee, M., 2002, Quantifying sediment transport on desert piedmonts using 10Be and 26Al, Geomorphology, v. 45, p. 105125.
Supplemental: Nichols, et al. (2005). "Cosmogenically enabled sediment budgeting." Geology; v. 33; no. 2; p. 133136; doi: 10.1130/G21006.1.
Supplemental: Nichols, et al. (20057). "Timing of surficial process changes down a Mojave Desert piedmont" Geomorphology; v. 68; p. 151161; doi:10.1016/j.yqres.2007.02.001.
Thursday, April 2, 7-9 pm; at Arjun and Hanna'sNathan Toké and Wendy Bohon
Pelletier, et al., 2005, An integrated approach to flood hazard assessment on alluvial fans using numerical modeling, field mapping, and remote sensing, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 117; no. 9/10; p. 11671180; doi: 10.1130/B255440.1.
Thursday, April 9, 7-9 pm; at Ed Stump'sStudent leader 1 and student leader 2 Howard, A., 1997, Badland morphology and evolution: interpretation using a simulation model, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 22, p. 211-227.
Supplemental: Howard, A., 1994, A detachment-limited model of drainage basin evolution, Water Resources Research, v. 30, p. 2261-2285.
Supplemental: Howard, A., 1997, Simulation modeling and statistical classification of escarpment planforms, Geomorphology, v. 12, p. 187-214.
Supplemental: Howard, A. and Kerby, G., 1983, Channel changes in badlands, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 94, p. 739-752.
Supplemental: Howard, A., Dietrich, W. E., and Seidl, M. A., 1994, Modeling fluvial erosion on regional to continental scales, Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 99, p. 13,971-13,986.
Supplemental: Howard, A., 1994, Badlands, in Abrahams, A. D., and Parsons, A. J., Geomorphology of desert environments, New York: Chapman and Hall, p. 213-242.
Tuesday, April 14, 7-9 pm; at the Whipple'sDavid Haddad and student leader 2
McFadden, L.D., Wells, S.G. and Jercinovich, M.J. 1987. Influences of eolian and pedogenic processes on the origin and evolution of desert pavements. Geology 15(6):504-508
Supplemental: McFadden, L.D., Wells, S.G., and Dohrenwend, J.C., 1986, Influences of Quaternary climatic changes on processes of soil development on desert loess deposits of the Cima volcanic field, California: Catena, v. 13p. 361-389
Supplemental: Wells, S. G., et al., 1985, Late Cenozoic landscape evolution on lava flow surfaces of the Cima volcanic field, Mojave Desert, California, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 96, p. 1518-1529.
Supplemental: Burnett, B., N, Meyer, G. A., and McFadden, L. D., 2008, Aspect-related microclimatic influences on slope forms and processes, northeastern Arizona, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 113, F03002, doi:10.1029/2007JF000789.
Supplemental: Breecker, D. O., Sharp, Z. D., and McFadden, L. D., 2009, Seasonal bias in the formation and stable isotopic composition of pedogenic carbonate in modern soils from central New Mexico, USA, GSA Bulletin; March/April 2009; v. 121; no. 3/4; p. 630640; doi: 10.1130/B26413.1.
Supplemental: Joseph R. McAuliffe, Louis A. Scuderi, Leslie D. McFadden, 2006, Tree-ring record of hillslope erosion and valley floor dynamics: Landscape responses to climate variation during the last 400yr in the Colorado Plateau, northeastern Arizona, Global and Planetary Change, v. 50, 184201.
Supplemental: McFadden, L. D., Wells, S. G., and Jercinovich, M. J., 1987, Influences of eolian and pedogenic processes on the origin and evolution of desert pavements, Geology, v. 15, p. 504-508.
Thursday, April 23, 7-9 pm; at Arjun and Hanna'sTony Hartshorn and Nathan Toké Quade, J., 2001, Desert pavements and associated rock varnish in the Mojave Desert: How old can they be?: Geology, v. 29, p. 855-858
Wells, et al., 1995, Cosmogenic 3He surface-exposure dating of stone pavements: Implications for landscape evolution in deserts: Geology, v. 27, p. 613-616
Supplemental: Fujioka, et al., 2005, Global cool ng n t ated stony deserts n central Austral a 24 Ma, dated by cosmogen c 21Ne-10Be, Geology, v. 33; no. 12; p. 993996; doi: 10.1130/G21746.1.
Tuesday, April 28; at Roman Dibiase'sStudent leaders 1 and 2 Everyone will be charged with submitting their discussion points to a discussion leader on the summary questions. Discussion leaders should help draw discussion out on these topics to help put the remaining papers in a broader context.
  1. What are overarching problems/hypotheses/questions relevant to these landscapes that help further our understanding of surface processes?
    -- footnote to this is which of these have been answered and which still need answering
  2. What sorts of FIELD-BASED measurements can we/groups like ours make to help pursue these?
  3. How do these measurements jive with or help corroborate/build/test the kinds of modeling efforts that we're learning about?
  4. Where are ideal field sites and what are appropriate sampling strategies?

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