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SESE Surface Processes seminar Spring 2014

The Earth Surface Processes Seminar (called "Geomorphology Seminar" in the GLG courses list) runs every term, for one unit credit (repeatable any number of times, and we prefer students do enroll) on a different theme each term. The theme for this term's focus is hillslope processes and the critical zone: the interface between the Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. A broad and highly interdisciplinary topic, we hope this semester will attract faculty and students from a wide range of specialties and spark interesting discussion for all. This is a timely follow-up to a previous surface processes seminar on this same topic (Fall 2010), as new data emerges from the NSF Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Program.

In a typical session we discuss a single research paper or two short ones. One or a pair of students have the charge to lead the discussion each session. Guiding a discussion, pointing out interesting angles to discuss and keeping the discussion on track are the main tasks. Usually this involves leading the group through the paper, but with an aim to highlighting discussion points rather than a report/summary of all points. Sometimes digging up essential background material from previous papers is essential to either understanding of the paper, or for drawing out key discussion points. Determining whether such ancillary material is needed is up to the student leaders.As we move forward we want to get into full discussion and debate mode -- everyone should make a point of saying at least a couple things in each meeting: a question, answer, comment, observation, whatever. We want all voices engaged in the conversation!

We're looking forward to a vibrant set of discussions this semester! Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, January 23; at Arjun's house:
3223 E Mitchell Dr Phoenix
Matt and Matt

West, Nicole, et al. Regolith production and transport at the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, Part 2: Insights from meteoric 10Be. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 118.3 (2013): 1877-1896.

Thursday, January 30; at Arjun's house:
3223 E Mitchell Dr Phoenix
Kristen and Adam

Gutierrez-Jurado, Hugo A., et al. "On the observed ecohydrologic dynamics of a semiarid basin with aspect-delimited ecosystems." Water Resources Research (2013).

Thursday, February 6; at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe
Kate and Emily

Poulos, M. J., Pierce, J. L., Flores, A. N., & Benner, S. G. (2012). Hillslope asymmetry maps reveal widespread, multi-scale organization. Geophysical Research Letters, 39(6).

Istanbulluoglu, E., Yetemen, O., Vivoni, E. R., Gutierrez-Jurado, H. A., & Bras, R. L. (2008). Eco-geomorphic implications of hillslope aspect: Inferences from analysis of landscape morphology in central New Mexico. Geophysical Research Letters, 35(14).

Supplementary Reading
Gutierrez-Jurado, H. A., Vivoni, E. R., Istanbulluoglu, E., & Bras, R. L. (2007). Ecohydrological response to a geomorphically significant flood event in a semiarid catchment with contrasting ecosystems. Geophysical Research Letters, 34(24), L24S25.

Thursday, February 13;at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe
Marina and Byron

Pelletier, Jon D., et al. "Coevolution of nonlinear trends in vegetation, soils, and topography with elevation and slope aspect: A case study in the sky islands of southern Arizona." Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface (2013): 1-18.

Thursday, February 20; at Arjun's house:
3223 E Mitchell Dr Phoenix
Mary and Alex

Roering, Joshua J., et al. "Evidence for biotic controls on topography and soil production." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 298.1 (2010): 183-190.

Thursday, February 27


Thursday, March 6th; at Arjun's house:
3223 E Mitchell Dr Phoenix

Holbrook, W. Steven, et al. "Geophysical constraints on deep weathering and water storage potential in the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory." Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (2014).

Thursday, March 13th; n/a No Seminar -- SPRING BREAK
Thursday, March 20th; at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe
Kate and Marina

Clarke, Brian A., and Douglas W. Burbank. "Quantifying bedrock-fracture patterns within the shallow subsurface: Implications for rock mass strength, bedrock landslides, and erodibility." Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface (20032012) 116.F4 (2011).

Thursday, March 27th; at Julie Drive Barrett and Alex

Befus, K. M., et al. "Seismic constraints on critical zone architecture, Boulder Creek watershed, Front Range, Colorado." Vadose Zone Journal 10.3 (2011): 915-927.

Thursday, April 3rd; at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe

Hahm, W. Jesse, et al. "Bedrock composition regulates mountain ecosystems and landscape evolution." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014): 201315667.
Hahm Supplementary Information

Thursday, April 24thth; at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe
Kate and Emily

Larsen, Isaac J., et al. "Rapid Soil Production and Weathering in the Western Alps, New Zealand." Science (New York, NY) (2014).

Supplementary Material
Larsen et al. Supplementary Material
Heimsath, Arjun M., Roman A. DiBiase, and Kelin X. Whipple. "Soil production limits and the transition to bedrock-dominated landscapes." Nature Geoscience 5.3 (2012): 210-214.

End of semester note: we will pick up with Landslides and Debris Flows next semester (Fall 2014).
GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar Fall 2014 - Course #15508

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