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Earth Surface Processes seminar Spring 2011

The Earth Surface Processes Seminar (called "Geomorphology Seminar" in the GLG courses list) runs every term, for one unit credit (repeatable any number of times, and we prefer students do enroll) on a different theme each term. The seminar is held in the evening, in recent years always on Thursday evening, 7-9 (or 9:30) each week. The seminar is a causal, no-stress, beverage-in-hand, free-ranging discussion of science and the philosophy of science. Location rotates each week among faculty and student houses.

In a typical session we discuss a single research paper or two short ones. One or a pair of students have the charge to lead the discussion each session. Guiding a discussion, pointing out interesting angles to discuss and keeping the discussion on track are the main tasks. Usually this involves leading the group through the paper, but with an aim to highlighting discussion points rather than a report/summary of all points. Sometimes digging up essential background material from previous papers is essential to either understanding of the paper, or for drawing out key discussion points. Determining whether such ancillary material is needed is up to the student leaders.

Each week the paper to be discussed, the student leaders, and the location of each seminar will be posted here .

Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

The idea for this term's focus is the relationship between climate and erosion and the approaches/techniques available to suss out said relationship. Ideally this week will serve as a springboard to future readings that may range from earlier conceptual papers that dropped the tectonics/climate/erosion gauntlet (e.g., Molnar and England, 1990 and/or Raymo and Ruddiman, 1992), to more recent papers that outline pointed efforts to quantify geomorphic process rates and integrate them into landscape evolution models (likely names include: Roering, Perron, Riebe, Dietrich, Montgomery, Dixon, Granger, Heimsath, Whipple, and other usual suspects). Expect the scope of papers to range from the hillslope scale to the orogen scale to the global scale.

Come with us on a journey through Time and Space!

As always, please send in any input for specific topics/papers folks would like to cover.

GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar - #22805
Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, January 27, 7-9 pm; at Wendy's place, across the pond

Matt Jungers and Matt Rossi Aalto, et al., Geomorphic Controls on Andean Denudation Rates, The Journal of Geology, 2006
Thursday, February 3rd; at the house of Roman DiBiase, Erin DiMaggio, Matt Jungers: 419 E Julie Dr. Tempe
Marina Foster and Scott Robinson

Molnar and England, Late Cenozoic Uplift of Mountain Ranges and Climate Change: Chicken or Egg?, Nature Review, 1990

Raymo and Ruddiman, Tectonic Forcing of Late Cenozoic Climate, Nature Review, 1992

Thursday, February 10th; at the house of Jeni McDermott: 1331 W. Baseline Rd. #337, in the Dobson Bay Condos in Mesa
Erin DiMaggio and Roman DiBiase

Zhang, et al., Increased sedimentation rates and grain
sizes 2±4 Myr ago due to the in¯uence of
climate change on erosion rates, Nature, 2001

Willenbring and Blanckenburg, Long-term stability of global erosion rates and weathering during late-Cenozoic cooling, Nature, 2010

Wednesday, February 16th; at the house of Marina Foster, Scott Robinson: 7701 E Avalon Dr. Scottsdale 85251
Frances Cooper and Byron Adams

Kuhlemann et al. (2001)

Willet (2010) - Supplementary paper

Thursday, February 24th, 7-9 pm; at Kelin Whipple's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe

Sayaka Araki and Andy Darling

Dixon, et al., The critical role of climate and saprolite
weathering in landscape evolution, ESPL, 2009.

Riebe, et al., Strong tectonic and weak climatic control of long-term chemical weathering rates. Geology, 2001.

Thursday, March 3rd, 7-9 pm; at Kelin Whipple's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe

Wendy Bohon

Hren, M.T, Hilley, G.E., and Chamberlain, C.P., The relationship between tectonic uplift and chemical weathering rates in the Washington Cascades: field measurements and model predictions. American Journal of Science, 2007

Waldbauer and Chamberlain Chapter, 2005 - Supplementary Reading

Thursday, March 24th, 7-9 pm; at Kelin's

Roman DiBiase and Matt Rossi

Hilley, G.E. et al, Competition between erosion and reaction kinetics in controlling silicate-weathering rates, EPSL, 2010

Ferrier and Kirchner, Effects of physical erosion on chemical denudation rates: A numerical modeling study of soil-mantled hillslopes, EPSL, 2008

Ferrier and Kirchner - ESPL 2008 Supplementary Reading - Supplementary Reading

Thursday, March 31st, 7-9 pm; at the house of Wendy Bohon (email for directions)

Marina Foster and Scott Robinson

Molnar et al, JGR 2006

Dadsen et al, Nature 2003

Dadsen 2003 supplementary material- Supplementary Reading

Thursday, April 7th, 7-9 pm; at the house of Ramon Arrowsmith: 140 E Del Rio, Tempe, AZ 85282

Matt Jungers and Erin DiMaggio

How do landscapes respond to changing climate, and how fast?

Bonnet and Crave 2003 Geology - "Landscape response to climate change: Insights from experimental modeling and implications for tectonic versus climatic uplift of topography"

Whipple and Meade 2006 EPSL - "Orogen response to changes in climatic and tectonic forcing"

Thursday, April 14th, 7-9 pm; at Roman, Erin, and Matt's place!

Mark Adams and Sayaka Araki

Is there a relationship between precipitation and long term erosion rate?

Reiners et al. 2003 Nature - "Coupled spatial variations in precipitation and long-term erosion rates across the Washington Cascades"

Burbank et al. 2003 Nature - "Decoupling of erosion and precipitation in the Himalayas"

Thursday, April 21th, 7-9 pm; at the house of Arjun Heimsath: 3223 E Mitchell in Phoenix 85018

Frances Cooper and Byron Adams

Background on quantifying catchment-averaged erosion rates using CRN

von Blanckenburg 2005 EPSL - "The control mechanisms of erosion and weathering at basin scale from cosmogenic nuclides in river sediment"

Thursday, April 28th, 7-9 pm; at the house of Wendy Bohon (email for directions)

Andy Darling and Matt Jungers

Hot off the press - using buried sediment to determine paleo erosion rates over the past 9 Ma!

Charreau et al. 2011 EPSL - "Paleo-erosion rates in Central Asia since 9 Ma: A transient increase at the onset of Quaternary glaciations?"

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