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SESE Surface Processes seminar Spring 2017

The Earth Surface Processes Seminar (called "Geomorphology Seminar" in the GLG courses list) runs every term, for one unit credit (repeatable any number of times, and we prefer students do enroll) on a different theme each term. Our off-campus meeting time this term will return to 7:00pm-9:00pm on Thursdays. This term we will be looking at the Eastern Mediterranean region.

In a typical session we discuss a single research paper or two short ones. One or a pair of students have the charge to lead the discussion each session. Guiding a discussion, pointing out interesting angles to discuss and keeping the discussion on track are the main tasks. Usually this involves leading the group through the paper, but with an aim to highlighting discussion points rather than a report/summary of all points. Sometimes digging up essential background material from previous papers is essential to either understanding of the paper, or for drawing out key discussion points. Determining whether such ancillary material is needed is up to the student leaders. As we move forward we want to get into full discussion and debate mode -- everyone should make a point of saying at least a couple things in each meeting: a question, answer, comment, observation, whatever. We want all voices engaged in the conversation!

We're looking forward to a vibrant set of discussions this semester! Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
January 26 at Kelin's place:
235 E Dawn Drive, Tempe

To read: Allen et al., 2004. "Late Cenozoic reorganization of the Arabia-Eurasia collision and the comparison of short-term and long-term deformation rates." Tectonics Vol 23.

For figures: Reilinger et al., 2006. "GPS constraints on continental deformation in the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia continental collision zone and implications for the dynamics of plate interactions." Journal of Geophysical Research Vol 111.

February 2 at Kelin's place:
235 E Dawn Drive, Tempe

To read: Schildgen et al.,2014 "Linking slab break-off, Hellenic trench retreat, and uplift of the Central and Eastern Anatolian plateaus." Earth-Science Reviews Vol 128, pp 147-168.

February 8 Seminar is cancelled -- Prospective student weekend
February 16 at Wren's house Nari

To read: Enzel et al., 2012 "Late Quaternary weathering, erosion, and deposition in Nahal Yael, Israel: An 'impact of climatic change on an arid watershed.' " GSA Bulletin May/June 2012; v. 124; no. 5/6; p. 705-722;doi: 10.1130/B30538.1.

Data Repository: Enzel et al., 2012

Bull and Schick, 1979

February 23 at TBA Sam

To read: Matmon et al., 2009 "Desert pavement-coated surfaces in extreme deserts present the longest-lived landforms on Earth " GSA Bulletin May/June 2009; v. 121; no. 5/6; p. 688-697;doi: 10.1130/B26422.1

Muschkin et al., 2014 "Measuring the time and scale-dependence of subaerial rock weathering rates over geologic time scales with ground-based lidar" Geology December, v.42, no.12, pp. 1063-1066. doi: 10.1130/G35866.1

Muschkin et al., 2014 DR

March 2 at Arjun's place Emily

To read: Goren et al., 2015 "Modes and rates of horizontal deformation from rotated river basins: Application to the Dead Sea fault system in Lebanon" Geology September 2015; v. 43; no. 9; p 843-846.

Goren et al., 2015 - Data Repository pdf

Goren et al., 2015 - movie

March 9 Spring Break!
March 16 at TBA Adam

To read: Topal et al., 2016 "Tectonic geomorphology of a large normal fault: Aksehir fault, SWTurkey" Geomorphology

March 30 at Kelin's house:
235 E Dawn Drive, Tempe

To read: Tucker et al., 2016 "Geomorphic significance of postglacial bedrock scarps on normal-fault footwalls" Journal of Geophysical Research Vol 116

April 6 at Arjun's place Nari

To read: Ryb et al, 2013, "From mass-wasting to slope stabilization - putting constrains on a tectonically induced transition in slope erosion mode: a case study in the Judea Hills, Israel" Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38, 551-560

Ryb et al, Supplement,
April 13, 6:30 pm at Marston Theater, ISTB4 ASU Tempe Campus

Geomorph movie night! <\p>

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Occupied

The Norwegian thriller Occupied masterfully blends the Machiavellian ruthlessness and icy visual style of House of Cards with the existential threat of climate change. Masterminded by world-renowned crime novelist Jo Nesbø, the series depicts climate chaos and political turmoil in the near future, with the election of a green Prime Minister in Norway igniting a global conflict with the European Union and an aggressive, underhanded Russia. Join us for a screening and conversation with Paul Hirt, environmental historian and professor at ASU’s School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, and Matt Bell, award-winning author of novels (Scrapper; In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods) and short stories (A Tree or a Person or a Wall; Cataclysm Baby) and director of the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing.

April 20; Nari's place Alex To read: Ballato et al., 2015 "The growth of a mountain belt forced by base-level fall: Tectonics and surface processes during the evolution of the Alborz Mountains, N Iran" Earth and Planetary Science Letters 425, 204-218

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GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar Spring 2016 - Course #82786

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