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SESE Surface Processes seminar Spring 2016

The Earth Surface Processes Seminar (called "Geomorphology Seminar" in the GLG courses list) runs every term, for one unit credit (repeatable any number of times, and we prefer students do enroll) on a different theme each term. Our off-campus meeting time this term will return to 7:00pm-9:00pm on Thursdays. This term we have decided a fun topic would be: Return to the Critical Zone - Progress today from the Critical Zone Observatories..

In a typical session we discuss a single research paper or two short ones. One or a pair of students have the charge to lead the discussion each session. Guiding a discussion, pointing out interesting angles to discuss and keeping the discussion on track are the main tasks. Usually this involves leading the group through the paper, but with an aim to highlighting discussion points rather than a report/summary of all points. Sometimes digging up essential background material from previous papers is essential to either understanding of the paper, or for drawing out key discussion points. Determining whether such ancillary material is needed is up to the student leaders.As we move forward we want to get into full discussion and debate mode -- everyone should make a point of saying at least a couple things in each meeting: a question, answer, comment, observation, whatever. We want all voices engaged in the conversation!

We're looking forward to a vibrant set of discussions this semester! Encouragement from Arjun and Ramón.

Good background information to keep in mind this semester: White et al., "Chapter 2- The Role of Critical Zone Observatories in Critical Zone Science" Developments in Earth Surface Processes 19, 15-78 (2015).

Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, January 29; Arjun's place.
3223 E Mitchell Dr Phoenix

St Clair et al., Science 350, 534 (2015). "Geophysical imaging reveals topographic stress control of bedrock weathering."

R.S. Anderson, Science 350, 506 (2015). "Pinched topography initiates the critical zone." Insights and perspectives on St Clair et al., 2015.

Thursday, February 4; Ramon's place.
140 E Del Rio, Tempe, AZ 85282

Rasmussen et al. Vadose Zone Journal (2015). "Quantifying Topographic and Vegetation Effects on the Transfer of Energy and Mass to the Critical Zone"

Rasmussen et al. Vadose Zone Journal (2015). Supplement

Seminar Presentation powerpoint.

Thursday, February 11; Ramon's place.
140 E Del Rio, Tempe, AZ 85282

Torres-Acosta et al. Lithospherev. 7, no. 4 (2015). "Effect of vegetation cover on millennial-scale landscape denudation rates in East Africa."

Torres-Acosta et al., Data Repository 2015169.

Seminar Presentation powerpoint.

Thursday, February 18; Canceled

Canceled due to travel.

Thursday, February 25; Kelin's place:
235 E Dawn Drive Tempe

Ferrier et al. J. Geophysical Res. (2012). "Weak influences of climate and mineral supply rates on chemical erosion rates: Measurements along two altitudinal transects in the Idaho Batholith

Supplementary data: Ferrier et al. Supplement.

Supplementary supplement: Ferrier tables.

Thursday, March 3

Canceled: Recruitment weekend

Thursday, March 17


Thursday, March 24; Ramon's place: Alana

Langston et al. J. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (2015). "Evidence for climatic and hillslope-aspect controls on vadose zone hydrology and implications for saprolite weathering."

Thursday, March 31

No Seminar

Thursday, April 7; Adam and Dom's place, 7021 E. Earll Dr, Unit 205, Scottsdale

** see email for gate code


Godard et al. Geophysical Research Letters (2013). "Frequency-dependent landscape response to climatic forcing."

Godard et al., Supplement

Thursday, April 14;TBD Dominique

Ivory et al. PLoS ONE (2014). "Vegetation Controls on Weathering Intensity during the Last Deglacial Transition in Southeast Africa."

GLG 591 Geomorphology Seminar Spring 2016 - Course #82786

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