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SESE Surface Processes Seminar Spring 2018

The Earth Surface Processes Seminar (called "Geomorphology Seminar" in the GLG courses list) runs every term, for one unit credit (repeatable any number of times, and we prefer students do enroll) on a different theme each term. Our off-campus meeting time this term will as usual be 7:00pm-9:00pm on Thursdays.

The Theme this term will be "Foundational Papers in Earth Surface Processes." The idea is to look at papers that fundamentally changed the field and set the stage for the current era. While we will not be strictly guided by publication date, we will draw from the classics of the 1970s to 1990s.

In a typical session we discuss a single research paper or two short ones. One or a pair of students have the charge to lead the discussion each session. Guiding a discussion, pointing out interesting angles to discuss and keeping the discussion on track are the main tasks. Usually this involves leading the group through the paper, but with an aim to highlighting discussion points rather than a report/summary of all points. Sometimes digging up essential background material from previous papers is essential to either understanding of the paper, or for drawing out key discussion points. Determining whether such ancillary material is needed is up to the student leaders. As we move forward we want to get into full discussion and debate mode -- everyone should make a point of saying at least a couple things in each meeting: a question, answer, comment, observation, whatever. We want all voices engaged in the conversation!

We're looking forward to a vibrant set of discussions this semester! Encouragement from Arjun and Ramon.

Date and locationDiscussion Leader(s)Reading/topic
Thursday, January 18; Seminar Begins next week.
Thursday, January 25; Kelin's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe Wren To start off the semester, we're looking at the relevant subjects of time, space and causality.

Schumm, Stanley A., and Robert W. Lichty. "Time, space, and causality in geomorphology." American Journal of Science 263.2 (1965): 110-119.

Thursday, February 1;Arjun's place, 3223 E Mitchell in Phoenix 85018 Nari Wolman, G and Miller, 1960. "Magnitude and Frequency of Forces in Geomorphic Processes." The Journal of Geology, vol. 68, no. 1, (1960): 54-74.
Thursday, February 8; Kelin's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe Rhys Kirkby, M. J. "Hillslope process-response models based on the continuity equation." Inst. Br. Geogr. Spec. Publ 3.1 (1971): 5-30.
Thursday, February 22;Arjun's place, 3223 E Mitchell in Phoenix 85018 Emily and Adam

Hanks, Thomas C., Bucknam, R.C., Lajoie, K.R., and Wallace, R.E. "Modification of wave-cut and faulting-controlled landforms." Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol 89, No B7, Pages 5771-5790, July 10, 1984.

Perg et al., 2001. For reference.

Rosenbloom et al., 1994. For reference.

Thursday, March 1; Kelin's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe Sam Dietrich, Wilson and Reneau. 1986. "Hollows, Colluvium, and Landslides in Soil-mantled Landscapes."

Thursday, March 8; Spring Break Spring break
Thursday, March 15; At Lorrie and Pye's house Lorrie

Montgomery and Dietrich. 1988. "Where do channels begin?" Nature.

Montgomery and Dietrich. 1989. "Source areas, drainage density, and channel initiation." Water Resources Research.

Thursday, March 22; Nari's place Joel Howard and Kerby 1983
Thursday, March 29; Emma, Peter, Floss and Sophie's place (where Alex P lives) Alex P Montgomery and Bufffington, 1997. "Channel-reach morphology in mountain drainage basins."
Thursday, April 5; Kelin's house: 235 E Dawn Drive Tempe *Be prepared to sit outside Grace and Lorrie Schumm, 1979. "Geomorphic thresholds: the concept and its applications."
Thursday, April 12;
Thursday, April 19;
Thursday, April 26;Arjun's place, 3223 E Mitchell in Phoenix 85018 Alana and Wren Bull, 1979. "Threshold of Critical Power in Streams."

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